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Greg Graham, also known by his DJ & Music Production moniker, Comfort Crusade, has developed a keen vision for blending the lifestyle marketing and client retention needs of brands who want to highlight products and services through the use of music. 

As a professional DJ since his teen years, Comfort Crusade always sought to light the path linking music with its listeners in various environments. 

This music experience came in handy while working for a small music promotions startup based in Orlando. The company was created by DJs and provided a new music subscription service for professional DJs.  This company, Promo Only, grew into the United States' and United Kingdom's largest music promotions service for DJs. At the time of this phenomenal growth, Greg took the offer to move to London as a Senior Executive for Promo Only.

During the stint in London, Greg hosted a radio show called "The Foundation" on the Soho Live Network. Also in a linguistic twist of fate, he learned to speak Portuguese, reaching an intermediate level of fluency. This became a very dynamic boost for expanding bilingual business relationships within the music industry. Brand engagement was increased in mass and niche markets within the United States, United Kingdom, Continental EU and Brazil.

Upon returning Stateside, the inevitable occurred. The Comfort Crusade name was bestowed upon Greg by friends in Miami Beach. He also matured (just a little) and blended his three favorite interests; music, technology and social studies into a service that pairs the appropriate original music, writing, DJ mixing or voiceover work with clients' needs for key media projects or special events. 

Clients (Past & Current) Include:

Photographer: Henry Villar

Location: Grand Central Terminal, New York City


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